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With the rise of telecommuting and hybrid meetings, the meeting scene that often appeared in the enterprise has gradually penetrated into the individual. A new way of collaboration is quietly changing people's lives. Ordinary equipment cannot meet personal requirements for high-quality meeting experience.

AIRHUG aims to provide users with a stable, smooth, easy-to-deploy and easy-to-operate audio and video conferencing infrastructure through continuous innovation, and is committed to creating a "senseless" conference room. When people enter the workspace built by airhug, you can conduct online meetings with customers or colleagues without cumbersome operations. With high-quality picture and clear sound, everyone in the meeting, including the other end of the meeting, has an equal high-quality audio and video experience.

AIRHUG and Innotrik adopt a DTC model that integrates design, R&D, production and sales, and are committed to creating a better experience for future mixed working methods in the fields of legal consultation, online consultation, online education, and teleconferencing.

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